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A Fantasy Bubble Trip — CICI Beauty & Slimming Experience Store Design by Towodesign

CICI Beauty & Slimming is a chain organization that adopts brand new technology and beauty concept for ladies' health and beauty. It entered China in 2011 with headquarters and flagship store in Shanghai. The local based team Towodesign was entrusted by CICI Beauty & Slimming to create a new store.

Designed by Towodesign

Photographed by Towodesign

Surging out of the boxes and scattering in different corners of the space, the golden bubbles in the space form an art installation that spreads through the entire space and connects 16 functional areas. Bubbles floating in the space create a sense of lightness and the romance dream feeling. Meanwhile, the bubbles are some force that squeeze the space, and transforms the originally dull walls into soft arcs, allowing the interaction between the art installation and the space.

Extracted from the feminine soft concave curve, the space creates a sense of slenderness and lightness. In the space, the crossed arc-shaped reception desk, the hidden arc light strips, the rounded door frame corners, and the arc-shaped furniture all integrate the beauty of female lines into every detail of the space while emphasizing the user group of the space. The golden bubbles map a curved space through the mirror-surface stainless steel material, and respond to female curves with twisted mirror images.

Outside the Slimming Room, a golden bubble is used as a guide; inside the Slimming Room, the bubbles are flattened, and a centrally folded half-circular clothes hanger is reverted to a complete spherical surface through the mirror surface, and echoes the outside bubble. When entering the Slimming Room from the corridor, you can feel the obvious contrast of the light brightness. Inside the Room, the enshrouded light is used to create the soft and private space, where people can relax wholeheartedly.

Artistic bubbles gradually serve some pragmatic functions after being integrated into the space, while the originally practical space is gradually given artistic aesthetics harmoniously with the bubbles.


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