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9DU Design丨Foshan Meisha School

Meisha School is a boarding school located on the waterfront of Xianxi in Nanhai District, Foshan City. Since Foshan is located in a subtropical area with hot and rainy climate, the campus design draws on the passive energy-saving strategies of traditional Lingnan gardens in terms of ventilation, heat insulation, prevention of rain and moisture, with the help of Chinese traditional construction patterns such as "cold lanes", "courtyards", "open halls", "courtyards" to realize sustainable climate adaptation and respond to regional contexts.

Designed by 9DU Design

Photographed by Dong Liping

The semi-enclosed courtyard forms an open visual corridor, producing a rich vision of a multi-theme, settlement-type learning and sharing space which contains humanistic care in the details. The outdoor stairs and the bright yellow facade are in harmony, presenting both its connection function and an interesting leisure platform. The activity terrace, rest area, stargazing deck, roof farm, leisure space, and basketball court encourage students perceive education in the way of experience and exploration in the environment; art box, outdoor podium, and theater form a charming and active social space. The music classroom has a vast layout, relying on a large area of sound-absorbing panels to ensure the vocal effect, while effectively avoiding the interference of sound to other teaching spaces.