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Porsche NOW – Pop-up Kit by Designliga

The needs and requirements that we bring to our relationships with brands have changed profoundly over recent decades. Flexibility, versatility and presence – particularly where least expected – serve as the roots, and the heralds, of a successful brand relationship at global level. The automotive industry faces a special challenge as it strives to merge new mobility concepts with the technology transformation and the changing consumer behaviours of a broad target group in order to create a harmonious whole. This urgent action is vital if the industry is to continue its market success into the long term.

With this in mind, we designed and realized the Porsche NOW – Pop-Up-Kit.

Porsche NOW is an agile multifunctional platform that can transform extremely diverse locations into product showcases – fast, independent and flexible.

The Pop-Up-Kit has a host of possible uses as a branded space, event stage or temporary point of sale.

The kit’s modular structure can reflect a variety of customer journeys, with coordinated elements that enable locations 50 to 350 square meters in area to be shaped to suit individual requirements. Its flexible framework system can perform an array of functions, such as dividing spaces into different zones and showcasing content. The elements can be freely arranged and are scalable, allowing users to devise playful and experimental solutions for creating unique spaces and areas. From vehicle configuration to integration of digital experiences and even contract signings, the Kit spans all the essential features of a retail store, which can be combined in line with specific needs and possibilities.

The Porsche NOW – Pop-Up-Kit delivers the ultimate in flexibility in terms of both content and structure. It allows users to repurpose locations temporarily as platforms that can generate brand presence with the power of surprise, attracting and convincing the target group. Despite the temporary nature of the Porsche NOW – Pop-Up-Kit, its materials and workmanship are of premium quality and destined for long use. The Porsche NOW – Pop-Up-Kit is in action all over the world, with projects at locations including Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Brazil and Germany and further markets to follow.

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