Located in a building of the 70s in São Paulo, with many changes made in its first renovation, the residential project signed by the Brazilian office Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados eliminated the excess of ornaments and fulfilled a request from the clients who desired to live in a contemporary and clear space, with few walls divisions but well-lit to place artwork.

Designed by Reinach Mendonça Arquitetos Associados

Photographed by Evellyn Muller

As the original design of the apartment brought some difficulties, such as the unevenness of the floor and a complicated concrete structure, the entire apartment project was solved on a single wooden floor and a single white coating for all the walls. The highlight is the carpentry design- all detailed and personalized for which environment- including the use of stainless steel parts in the joinery structure, in addition to the red painted steel entrance door and the graphite wall paint on the hall.

The biggest challenge was the very low ceilings and the uneven floor in the room. This combination created a great difficulty for the air conditioning installation and the lighting project. A search for simple language took place as white walls and a single wooden floor covering the entire floor of the apartment except for the service area. The entry of natural light and the especial joinery design were enriched as much as internal frames and a unit with planning and placement of artwork and special furniture pieces.

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