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Tongrentang - Zhima Health Offline Experience Store by Beijing Wuxiang Space Architecture Design

As a healthy featured drink of Zhima Health, goji berry coffee combines coffee and goji berry which can soothe the nerves and improve sleeping. As the most popular drink among the customers, goji berry coffee adopts the high quality barbary wolfberry strictly selected by Tongrentang, while the price equals to a cup of specialty coffee. Enjoying caffeine and keeping in good health, the new urban noble tastes it and smells the fragrance.

Designed by Beijing Wuxiang Space Architecture Design

Photographed by IN VIEW

Tongrentang Zhima Health has created a complex functional system of healthy diet + medical center+ health examination + social entertainment. The designer Wang Yong has applied a large area of contrasting materials as solid wood and brass in the store. From the ground floor to upstairs, Zhima Health Concept Store has four themes as inquiry, food, convalescence and cure.