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Horizon 88 - The lunar glamping of Wanna and Formica at Casa Decor 2020

Formica Group and Wanna invite you to contemplate the stars in horizonte 88, its lunar gamping.

In the most sustainable edition of Casa Decor, the space of FormicaGroup created and designed by the design studio of branding andstrategic interior design Wanna, warns about light pollution andclaims the contemplation of the firmament as an inalienable right ofthe Humanity.

Designed by Wanna

March 4th, 2020 - More than a third of the world's population and 60% of the european population cannot see the Milky Way. In fact, Spain is the third largest percentage of the population affected by the degradation of the night sky. Less than 4% of Spaniards live in areas of low light pollution.

Faced with this devastating (though hopefully soon remediable) data, Formica Group and Wanna challenge the attendees of Casa Decor 2020 not to resign themself to living without stars. And they invite you to embark on a space journey to sit under the night sky of the Moon to contemplate the 88 constellations officially recognized by astronomers.

Travelers will stay at Horizon 88, the first lunar glamping. This neologism, formed by the contraction of "glamorous" and "camping", defines an upward travel style that allows to live a unique experience, in contact with nature and in a respectful way with the environment. "Since tourism is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, we found it impotant to rethink how we would travel to the Moon. That's why we opted for glamping," they explain from Wanna.

On Horizon 88 travelers walk among craters, surrounded by constellations, to the rhythm of unprecedented lunar sounds. After enjoying the outdoors, they can retreat to a single-person capsule, designed to soften the vetigo that "be up there" can create.

The minimalist-designed capsule is reduced to minimal expression to minimise the constructive impact and the expot of terrestrial materials to the Moon. However, it has everything you need to enjoy a memorable stay: a rest area with siderales views, a dressing room and a complete toilet.

Horizonte 88 Horizon 88 is a dreamlike space full of contrasts, entirely created with Formica® laminates. The richness of its finishes allows to cover the lunar topography and the starry sky, the exterior and interior of the capsule and all the furniture. Among the laminates highlights the exclusive MDJ Kuu, which reproduces on a small scale the hidden face of the Moon and was created by the brand and American atist Matthew Day Jackson for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon.

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