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São Paulo, 2020 – An apartment with the purpose of being more than a house, but the first home away from the parentes for the clients. This was the briefing of the conversation between Studio Canto and the couple of new residents of the Macramê Apartment, located in São Paulo.

Designed by Studio Canto

Phtographed by Cris Farhat Fotografia

The essence was to take to the space, through architecture, warmth, love, that homecoming feeling after an intense day and build memories full of stories spread all over the place. Starting from a short budget, the reform predicted few structural interventions and the new project had simple and creative solutions, that would reflect the essence of the residents.

Having the living room as the heart of the house, this is the space that the residents spend most of their time, whether it be having a dinner for two or gathering friends. It’s in the living room that everything happens in the Macramê Apartment. White color was chosen as the base, the wood tones to warm up the place, the green of the plants as a background and the touches of color were left for the loose objects that can change and renew themselves from time to time.

As the couple loves to cook together, the architects provided a change for the kitchen. It made the space much more functional: the wall that divided the kitchen from the living room was removed and the space gained an counter in "L" format to serve as a support during the preparation of food and for quick meals. This simple change made all the difference, leading to integration and making the separation between the living room and the kitchen way more fluid.

The small office gained a stripped-down decor, since it was an environment designed to work from home as to receive friends and guests. The couple's bedroom is a separate detail - although being small and simple, it is full of comfort and energy, everything that the new residents wanted for this new home. The great charm was due to the headboard made of natural slatted wood, made by the customers themselves.

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