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Face Shield mono piece for the masses for under 1 Euro

In comparison to many other face shields for individual protection which have been published in the course of the Corona pandemic, this design is made of one single piece and one production step only. The studio IONDESIGN from Berlin has developed the shape of the face shield for mass production, allowing the simple and very affordable distribution of protection for as many individuals as possible.

Designed by iondesign

One Piece Only:

Made out of 80% recycled PET, the face Shield is produced in Die cutting. No assembly of different pieces is necessary. The stability derives from the folding curves of the material. The single piece design makes production fast and easy.

Ideal for distribution:

The Face Shield made of one piece of PET is shipped flat and then folded by the user. This allows the effective and space saving shipping of large piles of the shield.

Ready to wear:

What sets IONDESIGNs face shield apart from all the other great designs is that it is made for the masses. The approach of publishing templates to create face shields at home is a barrier for anyone who doesn’t have access to production facilities and material sources. IONDESIGNs Face Shield is designed to reach as many individuals as possible for real and immediate use.

Low cost product for immediate use:

What is important right now is to come up with realistic solutions which are ready for market. The production quantity has a direct effect on the final cost of the product. Already 10.000 pieces can be produced for far under 1 Euro. As the quantity increases, the Face Shield can be even produced for under 50 cents in a volume of production of 1 Million. This way, face protection is made available for direct use, helping to stop the spreading of the COVID-19 virus.

Advantages: - faster and less complicated assembly than other designs - minimized contact points with skin - suitable for wearing glasses - combinable with mouth protection - flexible size adjustment ergonomic closure - stable due to curved folding - only one piece - low-priced, fast production for mass production - flat delivery an space-saving storage - recyclable - single and multiple use - extremely light - very stable - air circulation prevents fogging and heat accumulation - easy to clean (resistant against common disinfectants)

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