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Living hub by Egue y Seta

So much claiming for a better work-life balance and look at us now: They have become indistinguishable from one another. "Be careful what you wish for" goes the saying and once again we will have to acknowledge popular wisdom.

Designed by Egue y Seta

Photographed by Vicugo Foto

Now, when it seems home time will longer and more frequent tan ever, it also seems obvious that our home, besides sheltering our rest and relax moments be, will need to keep us connected to our relatives and the office.

The "ideal home" we bring to you today, offers what they all do: A place to share with your loved ones in intimacy, but also, and within the usual square meters, this particular home manages to integrate, through versatility and hinges, a series of spaces devoted to work, remote socializing, relaxation, insight, and evasion, all framed within an illusion of exteriority and close contact with nature.

That future was not going to look like 2021: Space Odyssey, we already knew; As we have come to understand that technologic-Smart environments don't necessarily need to be super white, transparent or silver. You shouldn't therefore be surprised to find this "connected home" particularly warm, familiar and cosy. That might be, at the end, what makes it a great home for the new future...for this new type of modernity that sneaked through the window without knocking at our doors.

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