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CANAL ST. Selected Store by Sò Studio

CANAL ST. is a select shop introduced from Downtown New York. We hope it will bring the Downtown lifestyle to Shanghai by creating a retail storefront that merged the lifestyle of two cities with both local and Downtown ethos. In New York, you see the coexistence of the mark made hundreds of years ago back to the industrial age with the cutting-edge art, fashion and pop culture in our era. Such kind of inclusion and diversity resonate Shanghai. Differently, Shanghai’s unique ethos is built upon in Chinese traditional culture as well as nearly a century’s concession experience. As a rising international city, Shanghai is younger and more energetic. We perceived Shanghai is a bit of rebel but in the meantime, exquisite. More interestingly, the vulgar part is wrapped in Shanghai’s exquisiteness. The constant tension let everything new here has also been polished and precipitated by time. We hope that people visiting the store can feel and experience it.

Designed by Sò Studio

Photographed by Yuhao Ding / Elbe / Yufei Li / Mengjie Liu

The space of subway located on the first floor of CANAL ST. was originally the stairs of the building whic