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HEYTEA LAB at The MixC Xiamen — A Space Featuring a Slanting Aesthetic by MOC DESIGN OFFICE

The transparent space brings in ample daylight and reveals the slanting ceiling on 2F

Located in the commercial hub of Xiamen Island, the project is a flagship store of HEYTEA, China's leading tea drink brand. Based on characteristics of the open two-storey architectural space, MOC DESIGN OFFICE created bottom-up oblique order within it, which accommodates various possibilities for urban life and socializing.


Photographed by ArchiTranslator

Main entrance

Dynamic surfaces

The store is situated at the street corner, and is enclosed by two glass curtain walls which form a right angle. The transparent glass opens the interior to the outside and enhances its interaction with outdoor pedestrians.

The overall space features modern geometric forms, simple, austere materials and hues, as well as an ambience that combines spirit and artistic style. Large areas of interior surfaces are covered with concrete and gold stainless steel, which present strong contrast of textures. Black baked finish is applied to details, helping to strike a balance and add a modern touch to the space. Besides, gold stainless steel is extended to the staircase installation, which appears more flexible and dynamic under the soft light and becomes a visual highlight in the space.

As looking from the entrance to the bar counter, a floating oblique wall on its side comes into view

Linear Concrete panels and golden stainless steel form strong contrast of textures, while decorative details including tea display shelves coated in black baked finish and thin black hanging rods help to strike a balance and add a modern touch to the space

Gold stainless steel is extended to the staircase installation, which becomes a visual highlight in the space

Dialogue with the site

In the original architectural space, all pipes were set on one side. And the space has height differences. In order to respond to site conditions and open the interior to the outside to the greatest extent, the designers made the ceiling and walls slightly slanting. Such a creative solution effectively solved site constraints and realized the value of design in an artistic way. Oblique blocks blend into the site in a low profile, showcase strength and a structural aesthetic, and form an identifying characteristic of the store.

The designers responded to site conditions, and turned height differences caused by pipes into structures featuring a sense of strength

Viewing Tea Geek Lab counter from high seating area

Breaking with conventional symmetry

With a series of oblique surfaces, the interior space has a dynamic appearance. It breaks with conventional symmetry, and shows a sense of tension. Spatial blocks are combined horizontally or interpenetrated in a slanting manner, which creates visual variations and marks off several distinctive seating areas.

Based on site constraints, spatial blocks are combined and interpenetrated to form seating areas full of variations

Slanting spatial structures show a sense of tension and dynamic

The geometric segmentation and combination of blocks create rich experiences, meet diverse spatial demands, and also fit into HEYTEA's creative spirit. Structures, materials, the building and environment are harmonized into an organic whole — an urban destination that serves for the public.

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