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State Coffee Co. Espresso Bar by Lab4 architects

Sitting adjacent to the Aegean Sea, a 90sq.m. espresso bar embodies the latest addition to renowned Greek coffee chain stores, State Coffee Co.

Lab4 architects drew inspiration from the New York espresso bars of 30’s. Emulating many navy style features, they intended to draw references to the lower Manhattan seaport neighborhoods where espresso habits flourished in the beginnings of the previous century.

Designed by Lab4 architects

Organizing the whole layout in a parallel direction to the seaside street, with orientation to an amazing view, the architects subdivided the space into three basic zones. The first one is the coffee production zone which accumulates all the auxiliary spaces, the second one is the interior take away zone while the third one is the semi-outdoor dine-in space with customers’ seating.

A typical Italian bar is placed centrally, prevailing in the space.

Coated on the top with white marble texture HI-MACS reflects a sense of freshness. Cabinets and drawers made of walnut wood compose a vintage atmosphere while at the same time tiny metal structures of pastel petrol color come to add a vivid note, intensifying the navy concept. Shades of grey hexagon tiles in combination with Mediterranean laser cut patterns embrace the South - Italian culture providing an aesthetic result that echoes a nostalgic era.

Concrete plaster coated walls are combined harmoniously with walnut wood textures which add a cozy touch. The overall result composes a calm background for the whole space.

A chevron pattern ceiling with hidden lighting gives the sense of floating in the space, intensifying the cozy touch. Air ducts and spotlights complete the overall synthesis in a design direction tailored to today’s standards.

The big openings of the façade let an abundance of natural light to enter the area while the metal and aluminum frames co-exist representing both a vintage and modern style era. Minimal frame pictures portraying both New York scenes from 30ies and Italian baristas are placed among the openings recalling historical memories. Shields with vintage and modern cups and barista tools are illuminated in such a way that resembles museum exhibits.

In contrast to the interior, the exterior façade has a more modern design touch intending to bridge harmoniously the vintage concept references with today’s era standards. Just like a “box” that opens up and reveals the well - kept espresso heritage through an experiential time journey.

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