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Juliana Medeiros creates 'Nuances da Natureza' - Coverings and Wallpapers inspired in Candid

There are many ways to feel and interpret a poetry. Some people rejoice, others get emotional, being able to laugh and even cry. All these feelings inspired the brazilian architect Juliana Medeiros to create a collection inspired by nature and poems written by the artist Candido Portinari. This collection it´s a launch of the brazilian brand Portinari in 2020.

Juliana Medeiros is a brazilian architect and urban planner, specialized in emotional architecture for brand experiences. Awarded internationally with an If Design Award 2018, she has been developing concepts and experience projects for major brands for over 10 years, with projects in events in Brazil and abroad.


Beyond being one of the greatest Brazilian painters, Candido Portinari was also a great poet. The Nuances da Natureza collection brings a look at the nature and the feeling of the architect Juliana Medeiros when reading his poems. "When I read Portinari's poems, I smiled, cried and got connected. I listened to the trees and birds as I usually like to do, but I was there leaning, feeling everything in a different way", explains Juliana.

With this, she created a collection of coverings and a wallpaper that brings lightness and sensitivity. The coverings are called Areias Decor, Areias do Mar, Areias Calmas and Folhas ao Vento and Natureza Imaginaria Wallpaper and are the newest feature from Portinari brand this year. In the Areias Line, she reproduced in porcelain the sands that move around, calm down and sometimes tell stories. A mix of possibiliteis are presented by the Areias Decor pieces. This versatility makes it possible to create the movement of the sands and monochromatic spaces with nuances of the textures. In Folhas ao Vento pieces, the lightness of the leaves movement awakens sensations. Juliana felt this musical silence that inspires, fills and gives energy to life.


Portinari brand innovates with Natureza Imaginária Wallpaper that presents an imaginary world through nuances of the handmade and the amount of delicacy present in this wallpaper. It brings a nature imagined in organic forms. Mountains and watercolored foliage in motion are depicted on this piece, composed of 4 modules, totaling 10.60 by 2.90 meters, that allows different combinations

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