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Conemoting Market by Yebin Design

Conemoting Market / The First Select Shop in Shenzhen with Cafe and Bar

The Conemoting Market lies next to the old residential buildings of the 1990s in Shenzhen, China. A shop in this market is chosen by Cecily and J. Howell, which is on the ground floor with five metres of basement and probably able to satisfy their imagination of a select shop. Because the fashionable people in Shenzhen don't care where the physical space is in the virtual world as long as it has the potential of Internet celebrity.

Designed by Yebin Design

Photographed by Xiaoyun

As most of the post-90s generation in China are spending more time on the internet, stores have evolved from a simple sales space into a lifestyle carrier, and then transformed into a social place. Nowadays, stores are no longer just displaying and selling goods, they should be called "online physical space"