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Color Puzzle | Benjamin Moore Flagship Store by DC Design

German philosopher Schelling in the eighteenth century mentioned in the book of the Philosophy of Art that “architecture is frozen music”.

The design narrative of this case takes place in an interior building. With art as the main melody, it presents the sensuous appeal through the rhythm of space and transforms silent substance into vivid language.

“We have creatively introduced the thinking of Interior Building and integrated the experiences of the sense of occasion into the exhibition hall. Variations in dynamic lines deduce the alternation, over-lapping, coincidence and partition of the interfaces, play the color notes with clear visual impact and thus complete the artistic expression of space for the brand.”

Designed by DC Design

Photographed by Xiao En

Maze Treasure Box |Red Star Macalline Flagship Store

The limited space is divided into a series of geometrical blocks. Under the encirclement of the gray base, vivid local color blocks stand vividly revealed before the eyes, depicting the fullness and vitality of life.

The orderly arranged space, in the style of a color palette in a maze, plays the artistic visual composition of pictures along with the visiting path. The light and shade contrast of lights further strengthens the immersive experience.

The collision between square and circle constitutes the clue of spatial memory, which manifests the balanced aesthetics between order and freedom. Under the mysterious flavor emitted from the color contrast between white and black on the background, a door of exploration is created at the entrance, welcoming the visitor to experience the journey of light and shadow art.

The circular vocabulary also extends to the yellow structure of the main space, which gives out the impression of ceiling inlaid with unique articles, forming a magnificent installation art. Light sources are introduced to create the daylight effect to naturally sublimate the ritual atmosphere.

The warm red series are filled into the embedded display space to form a contrast of cold and warm tones with the plain and neat furniture, transforming the sceneries in movie scenes into the authentic and reachable off-line experience area.

The sharpness in form, the delicacy in composition and the meticulousness in business provide artistic-grade display route for products, which fits the brand vision of the harmony between human and space.

Nocturne in the Forest | Xiyingmen Flagship Store

Its sister store inherits the art thinking of the design team. Color aesthetics and architectural languages are adopted to demonstrate the space expressions and deliver the brand vision of ecology and sustainability.

The color details are delicately handled to replace strong contrast with balance and neutralization. A thin layer of gray color on the highly saturated color enriches poetic flavor to the whole space and avoid the sense of repression of the whole large wall. Instead, the design adds certain warmth and texture to the whole space, generating colorful ripples under the rendering of light rays.

Beyond the graphic interface of circle and square, arch elements are introduced to play the role of visual guidance, which transforms the visiting experience into a tour in a small house in forest. In the spatial sequence without visual borders, the contacts among people keep setting off by contrast. As the frame scene of each other, visitors could seek for their authentic self in the dream created by lights and shadows.

As the abstract art integrates into the functional space, architecture is internalized into structural language at different proportions, which demonstrates the relationship between people and space as well as space and interior architecture, and meticulously achieves the commercial value attributes of the design.

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