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ASSAD Club by Space Interior Design

The dream that light and color gather becomes, take the magic that makes a person move one's heart, with the blue purple of evil spirit puzzled knocked the door of a spatiotemporal journey.

"For me, the night is more vibrant than the day, the twinkling stars, the light on the ground, is a work of beauty and peace." Van gogh said.

All the time, stylist Professor or Main designer Lin Xu is conscious from the Angle that advances to look afresh recreational space, consider aesthetic not only, still have the change of idea and technique.

Instead of the framework and description centered on the exhibition, the narrative is carried out based on the path experience of light, so that light and shadow themselves form a group of interesting combinations, opening the channel of sensory exploration in a mysterious way, but refusing to express directly, thus forming a fascinating and immersive sensory journey.

The scale of the design is the art of narrative development. The designer takes the color out of the decoration and integrates it into the light. The change of light can control the flow of color and realize the sense of time and space of dream ecstasy. This is a response to the trend towards minimalism in the current architecture and interior techniques, giving more space to the users themselves and bringing new inspiration to the design of the entertainment space.

The large scale at the entrance of the hall brings the illusion of weightlessness, and the bustling dreamland in the kaleidoscope opens a new perspective to see the world. Under its refraction, light and shadow show extraordinary beauty, and the boundary between reality and illusion becomes blurred and hard to distinguish.

Art is the soul of space. No matter it is fashionable or avant-garde, all the elements implanted in space are to arouse people's inner music symbols, or comfort, or joy.

The automatic doors to the lobby and corridors open and almost touch another dimension of the space axis, which is more like a starship suspended in the night sky, awakening your senses as you approach.

With the deepening of the footsteps, the magic of sound and electricity eliminates the outside world's chaos, and the sensory feast is upgraded to an immersive shock of body and mind. The great sense of pleasure and satisfaction spreads, allowing people to fully engage in it, free themselves from numerous pressures, and revel in the multi-theme scene narration. It's not so much creating an atmosphere as finding its way to the entertainment heaven.

Fashion is the main idea expression of recreational space forever, in another parallel world, the multicolor of urban men and women is the main melody of life, it has the cold and warm contrast between pink and blue, the collision between yellow and green is exaggerated, independent and self-confident, light represents the proposition of the space.

Light has expression, it controls people's emotions. Symmetry, perspective, overlapping between light and shadow, cadence is a silent drama, the protagonist is deep in the people, the story led by their own.

Every dream, not only belongs to the designer, more belongs to the witness.

Metallic design and exquisite bright color, in the bustling city to explore the fantasy journey: this is like the midnight of Paris, there is a drunken life, Also is the charming Seine river bank, after the time overflows the color, still retains the hubbub lively.

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