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PRADA Supports PROTEGGIMI, a research project into male susceptibility to CORONAVIRUS

Clinical data suggest that COVID-19 affects men more seriously than women: San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, supported financially by the Prada Group, will investigate the role played by male sex hormones in this imbalance.

Milan, 27 April 2020 - The Prada Group’s support for the PROTEGGIMI project is the latest example of its commitment to scientific research, with the aim of exploring the role science plays in contemporary society. Coming on the back of the “Human doctors, warrior patients” project, a partnership with the Gianni Bonadonna Foundation to develop innovative cancer treatment and research, the initiative not only coincides with a period of global health crisis – researching why the pandemic predominantly affects men – but also reflects Prada’s forward-looking, original research, which seeks to foster dialogue between neuroscience and culture.