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Books over the clouds by Wutopia Lab

Books over the clouds —Flagship Store of Duoyun Books

Wutopia Lab was commissioned by Shanghai Century Publishing (Group) Co., Ltd to design a flagship store of ink and washing. Duoyun Books on the 52nd floor of Shanghai's tallest building, Shanghai Tower. The Douyun Books flagship store is a small culture complex with seven different funtions, including bookstore, lecture room, exhibition, coffee, dessert and light meal. There are 60,000 books and 2,000 products saled in 2200 sqm area. The store on height of 239 meter is the China's highest commercial bookstore. The bookstore is an important public cultural place in the vertical city of Shanghai, and a cultural landmark of Shanghai.

Designed by Wutopia Lab

Photographed by CreatAR Images

Standing in the South Garden, watching the spectacular Huangpu River twists and turns, as if standing on the mountain. I decided to build a white abstract mountain, which consists of translucent bookshelves stacked in layers. At the end of the mountain is the magnificent sky. The sky and the city should be part of the design of the bookstore. The ground should be clean and tidy. On a sunny