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São Paulo, 2020 – The 74m2 apartment in Vila Olímpia (São Paulo, Brazil) received a reform that didn´t pleased the couple who had invested in the space. With this challenge, the apartament gained a new project signed by the architecture office As Arquitetas SP, led by the architects Luciana Gomes and Michelle Waisblut, who had the challenge of giving new solutions to furnitures that would remain in the apartment, such as sofas, countertops and kitchen cabinets, and make all changes without any disorder and in short time (the construction was did in 3 months). The proposal also sought to bring more coziness, optimization to the areas and to appropriate the couple works of art, passionated by graffiti.

Designed by AS Arquitetas SP

Photograhed by Evelyn Muller

For this, the terrace needed to be more inviting (in addition to finding a solution for the TV that was hung with the apparent cables); the room gained a new color - green came out and white came in - and the toilet is no longer a deposit of the previous construction. The suite also changed: it was too tight and with few closets to meet the couple's demand. Therefore, the intervention began on the terrace, which received a sofa in “U” format to accommodate a larger number of people and the TV was hidden in a motorized box embedded in the lining. The brick wall was painted white to give a highlight to the neon (an old wish of the couple) and the bar was designed with folding doors to remain open on festive days.

In the dining room, the maxim was to enjoy almost everything that already existed in the space. The joinery bench was reformed to improve the finishing details and painted in black; the “spider” lamp was adapted for an iron bar and the mirrors enlarged the small environment. In the TV room, the new bookcase brought lightness and transparency to the ambience, since much of the dining room's natural light enters through the TV room.

Graffiti is present in all environments. In the dining room, kitchen and toilet the framed works are from “Os Gêmeos”; in the tv room there is a work by the artist "Kobra" and on the wall and ceiling there is an intervention made, during the reform, by the artist Giuliano Martinuzzo. The suite gained a closet with sliding doors: when opened, the room almost doubled in size, which also allowed residents to close the doors and adapt the closet for visiting days (turning it into a small room) and the headboard was changed to match the neutral tones of the entire apartment.

The toilet follows the industrial line of the rest of the apartment with the burnt cement effect paint. The green color was also taken into the house. Rectangular metallic planters were designed to fill the terrace and kitchen walls with hanging plants, creating a 'green wall' in the apartment.

The plaster linings with illuminated moldings were removed to exhibit the exposed concrete of the ceiling, expanding the right foot. The lamps were chosen with the intention of complementing the residents' routine. In the room, for example, the ceiling lamp has a dual function, serving for reading and for indirect lighting, making the room more cozy; in the bedroom, the main lighting is done by the lamps, also with direct and indirect options.

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