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Heliotrope Architects: Rupee, Seattle, Washington


Seattle, Washington

Owners Joe Sundberg, Rachel Johnson, and Patrick Thalasinos have opened their second restaurant on a small neighborhood street in Seattle. Rupee, a follow up to the trio’s well-regarded restaurant Manolin—also designed in collaboration with Heliotrope Architects—was built entirely by the owners themselves.

Designed by Heliotrope Architects

Photographed by Aaron Leitz / Nate Watters / Noah Forbes

Inspired by the owners’ journeys to South Asia, Rupee features a menu of Indian and Sri Lankan-inspired food and cocktails. The 700-square-foot intimate space seats 26 and brings two architectural gestures together to set the tone: color, and warm materiality. Color, a vibrant peacock green, is used to visually immerse guests within the setting and mentally transport them away from the typical gray skies of Seattle.