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Crazy Pianos is undoubtedly a different club. Instead of a DJ, two red pianos entertain dinner and drinks, till they get the public dancing around them.

Designed by El Equipo Creativo

Photographed by Adrià Goula

The design is rich in details and corners, with a superposition of layers, colours and textures.


The reform of the well-known Crazy Pianos music club was the beginning of a new stage in its history. The new design should push their new commercial strategy, aimed at a more demanding audience from a wider age range. But without losing the essence of the original project: the music of two red life pianos and a fun, carefree atmosphere that manages to raise the tone of the night, till getting the public to the dance floor.

Two pianist play life the songs that the public request. And as the night moves forward, the tables around the pianos disappear converting this area into a lively dance floor.

The briefing was clear: a crazy, different and sexy venue. We responded with a design rich in details and corners, full of winks and little crazy stories: an atmosphere that invites to get carried away and lose your mind.