BioDerma Retail Store by ARTTA Concept Studio

April 21, 2020

Bioderma, who believes in the biology at the service of dermatology, has a professional identity in the industry as one of the leading dermatologist skincare brands in Hong Kong. We have introduced Bioderma a redefined and modern design approach to their new store in Shatin New Town Plaza.


Designed by ARTTA Concept Studio


A variety of smooth-textured materials have been used thoroughly in the store to resemble the seamless image of an advance biology laboratory. Together with the layerings of millwork and the use of lightings, it contours out the dynamic interior that provides a wide range of product displays and experiential services.

Mono-tone colours have taken up the majority in the space, which helps to read the shop as a whole,  at the same time it also pops out the Royal Blue shelving that is specifically dedicated to their sister brand, and also different product series of Bioderma with all the LED lightboxes.













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