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Fortnum’s Celebrates Collaboration with Contemporary Artist Zhang Enli with Exclusive Print and Hand


The Tea Garden’ Exclusive Limited Print

Following an acclaimed artistic collaboration between Fortnum & Mason and Zhang Enli in September 2019, two limited edition products will arrive in Fortnum’s K11 MUSEA store on Monday 9th March.

Designed by Fortnum & Mason / Zhang Enli

Last year Fortnum’s exhibited a series of 22 artworks by Zhang Enli in its flagship store in London’s Piccadilly, 19 of which were specially commissioned for Fortnum’s. Through expressive use of shape and colour, Zhang Enli is able to elevate the seemingly ordinary into something far beyond, just as Fortnum's does in its endeavours to make the everyday that little more extraordinary.

The Tea Garden’ Exclusive Scarf

Inspired by the artist’s increased travel to and across the UK over the past year, these works harnessed themes of travel, mapping, immigration and relocation.

Hong Kong Exclusive Musea Blend

Hero artwork ‘The Tea Garden’, inspired by maps and contours that reference tea plantations in Hunan and outlying islands of Hong Kong, is exclusively available as a print for HKD 3,718 in limited quantity. Created in collaboration with London-based designer Jane Carr, an exclusive scarf is also available in the Tea Garden print for HKD 2,388. Made by craftsmen in the historic mills of Como in Italy, each cashmere blend scarf is finished with hand-rolled or hand-frayed hems.

Five more paintings were commissioned to hang on the walls of the restaurant 181, while Enli also designed the caddy for our Musea Blend tea, created exclusively for sale in Hong Kong.

The partnership with Zhang Enli is the latest demonstration of Fortnum’s long-standing commitment to the arts across its centuries of history. From commissions with Yves Saint Laurent, Charles Creed and Salvatore Ferragamo, to the more recent works of Richard Brendon and Rory Dobner, Fortnum’s has had a pivotal role in the careers of some of the most celebrated and ground-breaking artists.

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