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Natasha's Residence by Deztopia

Located in Chak Shehzad's neighborhood; the house white walls, usage of natural materials, and shades of green makes the home look more spacious and open.

Designed by Deztopia

We were challenged with the original setting of the house which was wrapped with wallpapers and wooden panels installed from walls to ceilings covering almost all the light sources including windows. The house which is around 50 yrs old, wasn’t maintained in a very long time. The foundation of house, along with plumbing pipes and walls were all affected by heavy corrosion and mold. Additionally, walls were covered with glitter textured dark paint and floor had layers of carpets sitting over on another.

‘When we entered the house, we had to use a mobile torch to access the site. The place was really dark in the middle of the day’ - Team

Our four main goals were to;

1: Lighten the space by welcoming the natural light in the house 2: Fix the structure of the house, plumbing and electrical both, to get rid of dampness & corrosion 3: Use the existing structure in a way that the spaces are utilized efficiently by the people living in it 4: Meet the budget of the client by proposing cost-effective solutions

To do so, our first step was to get rid of all the wooden paneling and wallpapers to locate all the original windows and light points in the house. Incorporating the original windows in the design, along with some new ones really helped in bringing the natural light in the house.

By carefully understanding the needs of the client and usage of the spaces, our next step was to transform the spaces which are functional, warm, welcoming and something that takes advantage of the natural light.

The original house also had a really huge kitchen area, with adjoining living/dining space. Both these spaces weren’t utilized by the people living in it. Kitchen was only used to prepare daily food while living area wasn’t in a usable condition. The new layout had the kitchen and living area transformed into multi-functional open-plan space which accommodates kitchen, dining and living area. We selected the green accent color for the cabinetry to provide a feeling of warmth when combined with white terrazzo floors. The countertops in the kitchen were custom designed and built from terrazzo.

From the living area, one can enter the bedroom which has an attached bathroom. In the overhaul, we addressed the two pain points client was facing in this room, one is the compact pace due to extra cabinets, and second is the privacy concern due to shared wall with servant quarter. The room now showcases shades of green and grays along with the combination of natural wood materials that are used in different custom-built pieces of furniture. The old bed and chairs were modified to meet the client's budget and enhance the look of it.

Master bathroom walls which were covered from dampness, are now transformed to terrazzo control the mold. Shower area and exaggerated sinks are introduced to compliment the elongated rectangular shape of bathroom.

Study room, office, storage area, and staircase railing were also treated to enhance the look of the house. Natural red brick with different patterns was introduced in the hope to create an industrial raw feeling which doesn’t take you away from nature.

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