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The Ancestor House by Yushe Design: A Century-old Memory of Chinese Countryside Living

The return to pastoral life has long been an ideal of Chinese literary tradition, it is the most romantic way of living deeply rooted in each Chinese’s heart. With the rapid globalization and urbanization, the desire turned into “xiangchou”— a term that refers to nostalgia for rural lands and the hometown that cannot be return for those earned their livings in big cities. Compared to city life Especially when growing older, country life restores the purest parts of life. For the urbanite, country life must be the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, just like the famous saying goes:” White flowers are better than green leaves, while strong drinks are not as good as mild tea.”

Designed by Yushe Design

Photographed by Fancy Images

Named the Ancestor House, the property was the family mansion first built in 1898 by Zhou Ansheng, the grandfather of the client who t