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Tianshui Jialangyuan Sales Center by Das Design Co., Ltd

The project is the sales center of Jialangyuan, a residential property developed by Tianqi Group. It’s located in Tianshui City, Gansu, China, which is the birthplace of Chinese legends and an important place along the ancient Silk Road. The long history and rich cultural context have made the city inclusive.


Interplay of light and shadows

The foyer features a symmetric aesthetic. The transparent pendant lamps resemble flowing water, and full-height emerald shelves erect in the space in a composed manner, looking like towering hills. The overall space features a color palette of green, white, brown, black, red and gold, which are mixed and matched perfectly to guide visitors to explore the charming space. A traditional Chinese zither and a mortar are placed on a long desk, along which visitors can sit and chat in a relaxing way. Just as the ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius said, “Isn't it a great pleasure to have friends coming from afar”.

Integration of modern style and traditional elements

Details of the space show exquisiteness. The mix and match of articles help to produce an artistic atmosphere. All the items present collision and fusion between the traditional and modern, which injects vitality to the space.

The space is filled with the pleasant smell of books and subtle details. Books and collection of exquisite artworks are well placed on emerald green shelves. Refreshing bonsai and mountain-shaped rocks can be seen from seating areas. Nature and culture are closely combined in the space, making every corner picturesque.

Combination of picturesque scenes and artistic conception

The grilles allow natural light to filter in and spread within the space. Besides, the transparent French window brings in outdoor views, and integrates the inside and outside into a whole. Through the hollowed-out screen, visitors can see an ancient-style picture painted on the wall, reminiscent of murals in the local Maijishan Grottoes.

Unique artworks are dotted throughout the space. Books and bonsai are placed on bronze tables, which weaken the commercial atmosphere of the space and enable potential property buyers to make decisions in a cozy and relaxing mood.

Wang Wei is a famous poet and painter in Tang Dynasty, who has been well-known in that “There is poetry in his painting and painting in his poetry”. This indicates the medium of expression is as important as artistic conception that evokes imagination. In this three-dimensional space, it requires designers to skillfully coordinate all the scenes to create aesthetic imagery and artistic conception. Only when all the elements are combined “just right” can optimal aesthetic effects be achieved.

This is a dreamy space, which offers wonderful experiences and is capable of inspiring imagination. The Oriental spirit that Tianshui inherits is incorporated into the space, where people can feel reality in a unique way.

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