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Tianshui Jialangyuan Sales Center by Das Design Co., Ltd

The project is the sales center of Jialangyuan, a residential property developed by Tianqi Group. It’s located in Tianshui City, Gansu, China, which is the birthplace of Chinese legends and an important place along the ancient Silk Road. The long history and rich cultural context have made the city inclusive.

Designed by Das Design Co., Ltd


Interplay of light and shadows

The foyer features a symmetric aesthetic. The transparent pendant lamps resemble flowing water, and full-height emerald shelves erect in the space in a composed manner, looking like towering hills. The overall space features a color palette of green, white, brown, black, red and gold, which are mixed and matched perfectly to guide visitors to explore the charming space. A traditional Chinese zither and a mortar are pla