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Designer Apartment by Neevroremont

My most complex and longest project for today. And, of course, the most long-expected. My own apartment.

Designed by Neevroremont

Photographed by Andrey Bezuglov

Designers find it difficult to design their houses themselves. Because all day we go around in an endless cycle of objects, finishing materials and all kinds of solutions, where it is sometimes difficult to stop on something specific and give preference to one item out of a million. Whether it is a matter to delegate this occupation to colleagues. But here the other side works: who exactly to choose for the most responsible and secret project. And then, how is it so, I’m a designer myself, I won’t manage, I know myself and my family best. And there is also 100-500 that can go wrong, and how I will sleep peacefully, without delving into everything when it goes wrong there. Plus, where else, if not in your own home, realize all the dreams that customers may not agree to. Therefore, a strong-willed decision was made to do