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HEYTEA LAB (Shenzhen OCT Harbor Store) by TOMO DESIGN

The improvement of consumption and the convenience of digitization have promoted the transformation and formation of new consumption patterns and consumer groups. China is accelerating its entry into a new era of consumption. Today, in face of the new consumer groups and new consumerism, how can we help Heytea, a popular new tea brand, to convey its individuality and to demonstrate its business strategies in product innovation, experience innovation and business integration? Optimizing every possible consumption procedure and creating immersive and interactive consumer experience are the basic logic for TOMO DESIGN in the design of Shenzhen Heytea Lab.

Designed by TOMO DESIGN

Photographed by Sean

Facing the complex background and business environment, the design is based on the insights of the consumption experiences that the brand will bring to the consumers. The design goes beyond the conventional reference system, deconstructs the consumers’ demands and feelings, and extends the potential value of Heytea in the background. Finally, by planning and operating, TOMO has successfully created the space value and new experiences with unique creativity.