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Wonderland by pc-|< paolo cesaretti Arch-

Jomoo is a kitchen and bathroom manufacturer with a dominating position in the Chinese market.

Photographed by Luca Rotondo

Its operations directly cope with a growing demand for residential interior design - coming from the rising young Chinese middle class - thus setting new standards in people’s taste and lifestyle.

Enhancing this aspect we chose to design a unexpected space, more symbolic than advertising, more narrative than descriptive. Vibrant degrade colors on a total white background and some abstract architecture contribute to an immersive exhibition, giving life to a playground for adults.

A space that delivers a remarkable experience rich in suggestion and information. An abstract landscape frames four different buildings and experience areas. It’s a representation of the future, when the tension between natural and artificial will be solved and boundaries will be blurring defining a new whole. Each building is home for one of Jomoo’s top collections.

Around them, visual design – through clear and simple images - helps to establish a connection with the topics of the exhibition: purity, simplicity, health, quality of life.

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