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Masquespacio designs the Wink chair for Houtique

After the huge success of the Wink lamp designed for Houtique in 2018, now Masquespacio and Houtique present the Wink chair.

Designed by Masquespacio

Photographed by Luis Beltran

“A subtle, suggestive and delicate way of looking. A look with a lot of craftiness, an eye that can only focus on exquisite vibes while dancing to the rhythm of the music with its fringes. She can’t stop playing “I spy with my little eye”, and she sees everything from her eye.

But, what do you see? Depending on your imagination. With a neutral vision it will be a chair, turning on the psychedelic mode of your pupils it will become a dancing eye and with cosmic-extraterrestrial lenses you will see the eye converted into Saturn and dressed in a Charleston dress.