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VSPS2 – Fashion store design by Eitan Cohen from Studio ETN

The Market

We were called to redesign a brand called 'TheMarket', A multiple brands women fashion store, and relocate it to the new home in a new city mall. The store sells women's clothing designed by local designers.

Designed by Eitan Cohen from Studio ETN

We received a standard 42 square meter slice of a city mall shop, the general idea was to create a disconnect from the environment in which the store exists, in order to create a boutique shopping experience to the costumers, inspired directly by the shops on the streets of the well-known fashion capitals in Europe and around the world.

With this idea in hand, it was important for us to create luxury design on the one hand, as befits the brand and concept, but one that is not eye-catching and too flashy, which transmits stability and brand experience, but also up-to-date and innovative.