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Do Think • Wings Hangzhou Sales Center by GFD

The project is the sales center of Wings Hangzhou, a residential property developed by DoThink in Hangzhou, China. It's situated in Chengdong New Area, which is closely connected to Wulin Commercial Hub and Qianjiang New Town. With favorable geographic location and convenient transportation network, Chengdong has become a core area in the future development plan of the city. DoThink identified the area's great potential and located the property development Wings Hangzhou there. GFD, a local interior design firm, was entrusted to conceive the sales center.

Designed by GFD

Photographed by Liu Gangqiang

Upon entering the sales center is the foyer. It's paved with marble floorings characterized by bright hues and straight grain, which looks warm under the soft light. The sales control counter well combines the metal front surface featuring strips with the black granite presenting dynamic patterns, which showcases the contrast of solidness and flexibility and enriches sensory experiences in the space.