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Ayahuasca Social Club in Minsk, Belarus by Insight Studio

Ayahuasca Social Club - This is a restaurant, bar and a place to glance at a party and relax a bit. The main idea is fusion, the fusion of day and night concepts of relaxation, which is reflected in the name of the institution. Ayahuasca is the boundary line between the world of the living and the dead. The night format, or the “world of spirits,” is broadcast through vibrant music, a complex system of programmable light installations, the day format, “the world of the living,” is broadcast through South American cuisine.

Designed by Insight Studio

The concept is based on the modern Nikkei kitchen. Nikkei is a mix of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines. At the end of the 19th century, the second largest Japanese diaspora in the world was formed in Peru. Japanese migrants are called nikkei. Naturally, traditional Peruvian cuisine begins to use the techniques and products inherent in Japanese cooking. The newly formed direction in gastronomy is called Nikkei. Thus, the project first got a name, and then all the other components.

The fundamental task was to create a special atmosphere in the institution, so that guests could relax and feel divorced from the outside world, stepping over the line of their mental horizon.

The design studio had a difficult task. We got a basement type room, with a big lack of daylight, in which before that there was a restaurant with not the best interior. Therefore, the first decision was to completely clean the room and leave only utilities.

The geometry of the room is not easy: it is an elongated room without daylight and the main goal of the project was to find a solution to get away from the tunnel, to make an interesting and radically new layout of the room.

At the entrance to the restaurant, the visitor passes through a beautiful sculpture specially made for this institution, then he moves through a cozy corridor with an impressive size wine cabinet and faces a forged metal gong - a symbol of the beginning. Having slipped through the entrance group, the visitor is hovering over the main hall.

The main hall, in turn, is divided into several locations. A stylistic and semantic center in the restaurant is a bar. The back wall of the bar is lined with custom-made 1700 metal plates that send consciousness and thoughts to the scales of Japanese dragons. The lighting of the bar is a large soaring lamp, which depicts the eyes - a symbol of energy and strength. Also in the hall there is a zone with large round sofas. Sofas are located on the catwalk and are separated by large flower stands with exotic plants. In this area you can stay for dinner or a party, from where you can watch the guests of the establishment while drinking national drinks from Peru and Japan. In the farthest and quietest corner of the restaurant is a chillout zone with cozy lighting, creating an entourage of dinner in the country.

The room was decorated with natural materials of warm colors: wood, light stone, bright textiles, wooden lamps and other decor items. All custom positions were developed according to the drawings and sketches of our design studio.

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