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906 World Cultural Center: A cultural center in a 100-year-old church in San Francisco by Balbek Bur

In 2016, our team began designing a multi-functional architectural complex located in a vibrant area of San Francisco, California. The complex includes a three-level residential building transformed into co-living accommodation, an old church re-equipped as a modern event hall, and a freestanding educational center. A common-area courtyard connects all three units of the complex.

Designed by Balbek Bureau

Photographed by Slava Balbek

The main idea of the complex was to create a launchpad for the development of young startups, enabling them to live, work, socialize, develop and communicate with like-minded individuals and groups in a single inspirational space. The task was to create a modern educational center in a basement area, with free access from the street. In addition, to re-build the church assembly hall as a multi-functional space, which could be used for different types of events: lectures, hackathons, presentations, exhibitions and so on.