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Forced pause: restoration of a 19th century mill creates inspiration from its own abandoned concrete

Smart and flexible rental housing built near old socialist apartment blocks

Designed by T2a Architects

Photographed by Zsolt Batar

It always takes time to make something great, but what surprised T2.a architects about its Jazz Loft project was how a forced break unexpectedly managed to lead to a more refined and rewarding building in the long run. Renovated from an abandoned 19th Century mill, architects Bence and Gabor Turanyi were first tasked with the delicate refurbishment work back in 2005. One economic crash and a change in vendor later has lead to a project that has evolved through a number of growing pains before finally becoming the structure that it is today 15 years later. Jazz Loft proves that a solid plan, the architect’s vision and great determination aren’t the only requirements for a great building; sometimes the building itself will have a life of its own.