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Soto Dental Clinic Renovation Project by Vitale

The Soto dental clinic renovation project, with more than thirty years in the field, aims to place the patient and their needs as the central axis on which the business revolves and develops. To provide a real holistic well-being, both physical and emotional, showing a very differentiated business in the field of independent clinics.

Designed by Vitale

Photographed by Vitale

The philosophy of the business focuses on honest treatment, aimed at caring for the patient and solving their real problems in the least invasive way possible. This is the starting point of the corporate interior design project carried out by Vitale, according to which all the elements and environments of the brand are designed, from branding to interior design. The new layout of the premises (150 sqm) expands functional requirements, optimizes communication between the different areas of the practice and provides total accessibility.

It is conceived as a natural soul space that improves the patient's experience, paying special attention to reducing stress, comfort and conveying total well-being during their visit to the practice. The idea is that the patient experiences intimacy and protection in a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere. Transform situations of discomfort or stress (common in patients of dental treatments) into confidence and calm. Materials such as wood, stone and natural fabrics are used, as well as indirect and warm light. Biophilia, the therapeutic effect of plants and their evocation, are keys in the main points of contact of the practice with patients (such as the reception or waiting area) that become small natural refuges.

The reception counter covered in large-format porcelain stoneware with stone decoration suggests different substrates and earth conglomerates. The terracotta lattices, which separate the reception from the waiting area, provide a warm and natural texture. The wood-effect vinyl slat flooring provides comfort and durability, as well as the required warmth.

The brand is a fundamental part of the project. The circle, which represents balance and the holistic approach to health, takes on special prominence in lamps and lattices. Indirect lighting predominates in the cabinets to create a comfortable space for patients. Areas are designed in which the medical staff can explain the treatments to the patients in a relaxed way.

The windows are concealed and homogenized with the space by means of vertical slat curtains with wavy shapes that allow controlling the light intensity during the hours of greater insolation. Natural textures are combined with matte glass and the corporate color, Artemis green. The result is a unique, comfortable, honest and positive atmosphere. A space that conveys harmony, well-being and health.

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