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Jey Alonso, Photography Project of Surrealist Architecture

Jey Alonso is a young architect and photographer specialized in minimalist / surrealist architecture. He studied architecture degree and two master’s degree in Spain and Denmark. Jey Alonso shows his vision of the world through his photographs. This vision begins in 2015, when he is awarded in the II New Talent Edition contest held by the "Artevistas Gallery" gallery in Barcelona and he is invited to exhibit 4 photographic works in a group exhibition.

Photographed by Jey Alonso

Jey reviews the known and not-so-known architectural elements to give them saturated colors different from the reality. His works are based on the decontextualization of the photographed and the will to highlight urban structures that for most people go unnoticed in a everyday routine. It is a surreal interpretation of the city and of the sky, of how our urban horizon dialogues day by day with us and to what extent it serves as a canvas for art and for surprising us.