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Saxum Vineyard Equipment Barn by Clayton & Little

Perforated corrugated Western Rib panels enclose the long sides providing wind screening.

Designed by Clayton & Little

A half pipe steel gutter directs rainfall to chain downspouts and cistern catch basins.

Located in the Templeton Gap area of West Paso Robles, California, this simple agricultural storage structure rests at the toe of the 50-acre James Berry Vineyard and the adjacent winery sitting just over 800 feet away. This structure is completely self-sufficient and operates independently from the energy grid, maximizing the structure’s survivability and resilience. Designed as a modern pole barn, the reclaimed oil field drill stem pipe structure’s primary objectives are to provide an armature for a photovoltaic roof system that offsets more than 100% of power demands on the winery and to provide covered open-air storage for farming vehicles and their implements, workshop and maintenance space, and storage for livestock supplies.

Steel pipe fencing provides separation for livestock holding pens.

Designed to harnesses the local climate to maximize cross ventilation, daylight and solar energy, the recycled oilfield pipe structure holds a laminated glass photovoltaic roof system that produces 1/3 more power than needed (roughly 87,000 kWh per year), eliminating the dependence of grid tied power for the winery and the vineyard irrigation well pumps through net metering. Utilizing the laminated glass solar modules as both the actual primary roof and the renewable energy generator, offset any additional costs to construct an additional roof with separately mounted crystalline solar panels.