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Poly Jordan international Yuyao Zhejiang by Lele Brand Strategy

LIU Lixue: Explore the depths of the soul with design, Poly Jordan international Yuyao Zhejiang.

“I have always been interested in exploring the beauty of human nature. By integrating nature into daily life, I hope to be a designer full of humanity.”——Lixue

Designed by Lele Brand Strategy

Photographed by MI La / LIU Lixue

Poly villa model room is located in Yuyao Zhejiang with a total area of 260 square meters. The designer hopes to explore the living conditions of urban residents through residential design and take space as the carrier to carry the time flowing slowly in daily life.

Design is an expression of love for the world that we live in. The designer hopes that people living here can love life and love all the beautiful things that can bring them touch.

Light is the most delicate part of this project. Light in this space with different lines, colors, light and shade is like brushstrokes. These brushstrokes form a spatial canvas that combines the intense realism of western oil painting with the freehand style of Chinese ink painting. Light is showing the beauty of space in different ways.

In terms of color, the designer did not choose strong colors, but chose the stable light gray system. The designer hopes to create a quiet, introverted and elegant residence in the city.

Awaken life with the beauty of objects.

Good vessels can purify everything around. People's confusion can be calmed with them. Without the beauty of objects, the world would be barren. -- liu zongyue, "the way of craft"

Spacious and comfortable balcony to provide residents with tea, painting, reading, daze space. Here lies the most poetic reality of life. The designer hopes to put sunshine, rain, dust into daily, into life. Let the people who live in it feel the warmth of life.

Life is the nourishment of every day. Life is the objects at hand gradually polished smooth. And the most beautiful things are everyday tools which are with the temperature of life, engraved with the mark of the times and can wake up life. Beautiful utensils not only lie in the beauty of appearance and decoration and the exquisiteness of production, but also in the spiritual bearing, aesthetic cultural connotation and use attributes embodied by the utensils themselves. Flower wares also bring us a pleasant, comfortable and stable feeling. They will carry the life fragment into a unique life experience and finally become the memory of the peaceful life landscape.

Sometimes design works often contain designers' respect for life and expectations for the future. In bedroom space, the designer creates the best quality rest environment through adding downy line, using soft material and continuing the main tone of the space.

Good dimensional design is a kind of dynamic process often, as the lapse of time, the space is taking host idiosyncratic more and more. What designers can do in the beginning is to use simple contour to map the deep beauty of space.

Wood is a material with vitality. It has natural touch, rich texture and natural beauty. The use of wood in the space makes the space have the texture of time.

All the furniture chooses the classical style, in order to manifest the plain, the natural essence of life. Designer put her pursuit of the exquisite beauty of life into the design details. There is always excellence in detail.

Flowers, grass, light and shadow, the scenes of nature appear in the right place. They tell of the brilliance of life.

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