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Apartment full of memories by SuperLimão Studio

An apartment with 160 m² from the 50's in Paulista Avenue, in São Paulo (Brazil) with a lot of history and customers willing to expose all the marks of time. SuperLimão's project in the Artacho Jurado's classic Saint Honoré building, won as residents a couple linked to art, architecture and photography and wanted an apartment to receive friends for dinners and gettogethers.

Designed by SuperLimão Studio

Photographed by Maíra Acayaba

With changing priorities in the way of life from the 1950s to the present day, the passage of ervice between the kitchen and the social gateway no longer made sense in current family use. It was decided to demolish the entire corridor by enlarging the room and unifying the kitchen and the service area, transforming all spaces into social areas. The service bathroom turned the toilet and the pantry turned into one of the children's bathrooms.

Being an old apartment, the windows are very generous throughout the perimeter of the apartment. The view from the living room and bedrooms is the Paulista Avenue and the kitchen and utility area window makes a cross ventilation. The project sought to maintain the maximum of existing finishes to enhance the history of the place. In the living room the walls were sanded until they reached the structures; in the bedroom / office the walls were peeled to the brick; throughout the floor of the living room and bedrooms were kept the original club.

For the color palette were chosen shades that dialogue with the time of construction of the building and with the building. The burnt pink ceiling with the rustic walls and the whole kitchen in shades of blue and granilite floors and pigmented concrete countertops. In the interiors, the first option was to look for Brazilian furniture, such as the Lucio chair and the Diz armchair by Sergio Rodrigues.

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