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The Standard, London Art by Dhanut Tungsuwan Commission

The Standard London invited emerging artist Dhanut Tungsuwan as #1 of Double Standard Wall Commissions.

Curatorial Statement:

The Wall in between The Standard, London’s ground floor bar Double Standard and Euston Road is in a protected alley created by the architecture of the Brutalist building itself, the Wall provides what can be perceived as “another space”, an in-between of the bustle of Euston Road and the embracing warmth of the hotel. The Wall will be programmed to be a place for opportunity to nurture young and emerging artists that speak as much to London (and Britain) but also the world – reserved for young and emerging, for relentless energy and dynamism to be inducted into the Standard Family and supported.

Finding Utopia as an overall concept for the hotel’s curatorial programme is based on the building’s own history and start as the Camden Townhall Annex in 1974, the Council itself and Britain at the time exploring a new idea, that of Social Progressivism for all, and the Brutalist building embraces that idea.

“Finding Utopia”, and literally finding another “place” is not only rooted in the building’s own history but also the vision of Shawn Hausman, the designer of The Standard, London whom references Truffaut’s Farenheit 451 and the oeuvre of Stanley Kubrick, these references evident the moment you enter what feels like a sci-fi dream the moment you step into 10 Argyle Street. Tungsuwan’s “Found” is rooted in this context and narrative, and it is his painting style and his emerging practice which is informed by art history and painterly traditions juxtaposed by the subject matter of his focus, imaginary landscapes and the digital age that made him a compelling choice for this commission. We felt that for the first Double Standard Wall commission, it was important to focus on something that is familiar, yet totally other-worldly, celebrating a new, young talent whom is rooted and relevant as much in London as he is in Bangkok. Being on the ground floor, the wall and Double Standard is about community and coming together, this painting is to be enjoyed by the community and to offer a break, a fantasy from the everyday and show that there is a commitment to supporting young and diverse talent rooted in London and the the world.

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