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Bharat Indian Restaurant by Dobleeses Space & Branding

Saris, Jalis and Baoris inspire Bharat’s design; an Indian restaurant that mixes modernity and tradition, bringing to Valencia downtown part of this asian country essence.

Designed by Dobleeses Space & Branding

Photographed by Germán Cabo

Upon entering Bharat, it is perceived the pink color as the protagonist, tone that floods the entire space and envelops the visitor. This color choice as the design basis arises from the history of Jaipur, also known as “the pink city”.

Pink symbolizes hospitality and cordiality in Jaipur and here it is used to welcome diners. Golden and blue tones finish the combination chosen for this space, referring to colors present in traditional elements and generating attention points that contrast with the low range.

A ceramic brick wall connects the two floors of this restaurant. The alignment of each of the pieces and their repetition gives rise to a texture which reminds the traditional baoris of infinite steps.

Another key elements of this design are the Golden lattices that dot the rooms. Its design is based on a mixture between traditional jalis patterns and saris borders abstraction, as well as other pieces of Indian clothing.

Space is completed with a combination of different geometric patterns, highlighting the mixture of textures and forms so characteristic of this culture. In the end, the engineering, architecture and textile tradition of India converge in a common language that covers the entire space; giving rise to a magical sphere where not only a wonderful meal is enjoyed, but for a moment, moves visitors to the heart of India.

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