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Beijing Taihejinzun Sales Center by SHJY Art Design

ShanHeJinYuan: Let art return to life

Designed by SHJY Art Design

Photographed by SHI Yunfeng

Elegance is a right.--Oscar Wilde

Elegance is the luxury of struggling, the light in darkness, dramatic conflict between silence and noise and an inherent attitude which comes from both the love of life and cognition and persistence in self-consciousness.

And for space elegance is its characteristic which is an annotation of the vitality of space. In the process of urban development, spaces with elegance will blossom with new life. Eventually, they will blend with time and culture.

TaiheZunFu are refined decorated luxury residences located in Beijing CBD and ShanHeJinYuan is responsible for the interior design of this project. The original intention of the design is to integrate the essence of Beijing culture into modern urban life. As a result,a traditional Chinese courtyard has been inserted into the modern office building.

Nowadays modern residences dilute people's experience of life. And The designer's responsibility is to define a way of life with space which as a medium arouses modern people's sense of home and life.

ShanHeJinYuan strives to create a sense of ceremony through color matching, material selection and moving line design. The whole space inherits traditional Chinese architectural etiquette and continue the mansion house tradition in Beijing.

Color can give spaces a more perceptual expression. In this project, the combination of eastern and western colors gives the space a low-key and luxurious temperament and creates a heavy sense of time dimension in the space.

Only the primitive nature can carry the richness of culture. A decades-old pine tree was planted in the water bar area. The lone and proud posture of the pine tree makes it the visual focus of the whole space.

The placement of artworks endows space with more artistic atmosphere. Integrate art into life and make life an art. Through the exploration of living space, the designer hopes to lead a modern and delicate lifestyle and at the same time trigger people to rethink other possibilities of living space.

In this project, the designers break the restriction of the wall on the space and allows the space to flow. They increase the interactivity between different functional spaces while balancing the relationship between public and private spaces.

At the same time the intention of landscape in Chinese painting has been chosen to shape the inner spirit of space with different expression methods.

For designers, aesthetic art and humanistic feelings should be part of our daily life. Therefore, in the space, there are both western aesthetic vision and Beijing's profound cultural deposits. Through this project, the designers hope to show the unique texture composed of different geographical, cultural and emotional elements and innovation and inclusiveness under social transformation.

By creating a zen living space, the design team hopes to create a relaxing living space for busy modern people where they can find Inner Peace.

The design team integrates the Oriental zen aesthetics into the plane layout, and at the same time, the functional layout is also extremely exquisite. Each corner can let a person feel the confluence of oriental halcyon and western vogue. Modern exquisite life is not only the height and width of living space, but also the pursuit of life quality with humanistic temperature. The design team not only designed a low-key and gorgeous house in Beijing, but also hoped to witness the change of times with space and reproduce Beijing's mansion culture.


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