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Sweet Room by co.,Ltd

"SWEET ROOM" is a hair salon located in Fujisawa city, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

Designed by co.,Ltd

After passing through the entrance of modern design, there is a spacious space like a lounge in the salon. Although it is caused by removing the partition as much as possible, the result is not only to show the space more widely but also to spread the sunlight from the large windows to the room. Therefore, the most partitions are also designed with thin frames.

Wood materials are widely used in the salon, such as a huge wooden table and herringbone flooring, and coupled with the sunlight, they fill the salon with gentle harmony. Additionally, in a room with large windows, by placing a slightly larger characteristic plant, a feeling of opening like being on the balcony can be brought to visitors.

The floor tile and wooden flooring of the main space are unified as the white color that is aimed to reflect sunlight. However, by using black tiles in the space of the entrance and the head shower, the contrast of brightness and restlessness is created especially in order to the head shower room is designed as a relaxing space with less lighting.


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