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Rays by co.,Ltd

The salon’s interior is very clean and futuristic. Once entering there, you will be moved by beautiful whiteness of the space.

Designed by co.,Ltd

Glossy white tiles are used on the floor and the wall is painted in white color. As for the beam, it is covered up by grey mortal, which gives a contrast and interest for such a white space.

Then Rectilinear lightings are carefully installed in the wall and mirrors for a hair styling which add a futuristic vibes in the space and a styling chair and rectangle table is made of mirrored stainless in silver color for a waiting space also pull up that vibes.

Besides Big art (from Shutter stock) in black color inspired by “ Sumi ” printed on the roll screen hanging from the ceiling is really key to this space which gives a big contrast element and flow for the space for the center of the space, Large solid mirror with rectilinear lighting are placed between the styling chair which products an unrealistic experience for customer.

On the contrary to this space, the big clear grass divides Shampoo area and the brightness is darker than other area to make customer relaxed and give a high quality time.

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