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BANLAN Salon Space by MuYi Design

Young Yves Klein was sitting on the beach in nice, France. He looked up at the blue sky overhead and said: This blue sky is my first work of art!

Since then, the world gave birth to a very artistic vitality of the color - International Klein Blue. Today, this pure and suffocating color is applied to BANLAN beauty industry, beauty is lost and independent.

Designed by MuYi Design

Photographed by Li Lingyu

BANLAN is a niche, personality, to dye hot for the main business of hair salon, the new store is located in the crowded East Second Ring Tai He square, in the hustle and bustle of telling isolated.

The exterior facade adopts rough water concrete, without long external decoration, highlighting a space aesthetic feeling full of tension; Shuttle between that a blue, clean and empty, infinite extension to nothingness, full of indomitable artistic vitality. The combination of the two creates a sense of distance.

The box is an l-shaped winding corridor, leading to the washing and cutting function area on the left and the waiting area on the right. The designer disassembled and visually integrated the original structure and set the box on the right in an embedded way, which not only completed the construction of the sense of space architecture, but also broke the original narrow and long form, providing more possibilities for enriching the internal functional field.

Black absorbs color and makes it sharper. The klein blue moves ever more within the black box, with its mystery to explore, its cold sense of technology, and its seeds of infinite weirdness, taking you to the sky, the sea, freedom and nothingness. Place oneself among them, let a person lose in this vast tonal in.

The tables and chairs in the waiting area are placed at will, with different sizes and different shades of color, similar to tetris, which increases the interest of the space. Designers try to break the traditional shackles, mixing metal, leather, lacquer and other elements, bold and delicate, strength and tenderness, release and loneliness in this collision symbiosis, can be said to be a design variation!

Meanwhile, shows with different themes are played on the screen in rotation, creating a modern and technological space atmosphere.

Yamamoto yohji said: "black has modesty and arrogance two characteristics, black is lazy, with the sex, but mysterious. The picture that hangs on the wall, without adulterate color, also do not have redundant temperature, at first look be like hair silk, be like again turbulent waves, the definition follows you!

The lighting treatment and moving layout of the work area are the key of the design.

Indoor lighting layout is extremely exquisite, combined with the orientation, simulation of natural light to ensure shadowless working environment and hair color true degree, for customers and hairdressers to bring a complete and balanced solution. The flat mirror and steel plate cut the area into several separate and continuous modules, and at the same time avoid the infinite reflection principle of mirror image and cause visual judgment error.

Stylist is washing, cut the reservation below the wall body between area 5 holes hole, the light outside can enter wash hair area impassive, after classics klein is blue filter, thin light is in dark fold, permeate, guide the beauty that the guest ACTS has a kind of desire to return to rest unexpectedly.

"Beauty does not exist in the object itself, but in the image and gradation of the object and the shadow it produces," it is said in "the praise of the shadow".

Designers through the re-organization of the space, break the rules and regulations of the traditional hair salon, inject three major melodies: mystery, technology and professional, constant variation, integration, weaving a space overture to meet the needs of customers.

At this point, BANLAN is no longer a single hair shop, more like an art space to spread aesthetics, help the brand extend a new journey about design and experience.

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