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Gallica by co.,Ltd

"Hair salon Gallica" is a hair salon located in Harajuku, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Harajuku is well known as one of the top fashionable areas in Japan, and thus, it is also a hot spot of hair salons. In such a situation, "hair salon Gallica" was designed to create a private space.

Designed by co.,Ltd

The main design concept is to create a luxury and chic space by material colors. It consists of monotone gradations such as marble white, Mortar and shelf gray, and leather black of chairs.

On the other hand, the natural color of woods is also significant elements in this space. The color will provide relaxing and comfort to visitors. Although, this space is composed of chic and comfortable contrast, the difference in the material not only has the effect of appearance but also has the effect of clarifying the usage. It also appears in the tiles that divide the head shower rooms.

Furthermore, modern pictures are arranged on the wall. The black and white pictures are integrated with the space by using the same wooden frame as the shelf's natural color. It was designed a space like an art gallery and offer visitors a space that is not just a hair salon.

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