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Trochee of Tints by Ris Interior Design

To fulfill fully spatial function, the open-concept kitchen, living room, and bedroom are compartmentalized in each floor in 3-story building.

Photographed by Hey!cheese Photography

In the dining space, the island is decorated with antique blue tiles, and the giant arch in blue tone catches visual attention. Polished pendants add a playful vibe at the open-plan kitchen.

Move to upstairs, continuing light tone palette, simplified ceiling cornice not only delineates the seamless flow, but also undermine the visual barricade of huge beam structure. Furniture and wall décor in pastel colors give vigorous touches to audio space.

Master bedroom at the highest floor, the walk-in closet is planned within the 80-centimeter depth of ceiling beams, to make doors flush to walls. Soft drapes and patterned sheers definite the statement, carrying out a cozy private space filled with air and light.

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