Tenglong apartment's space design by CUN Design

September 24, 2019

At the end of 2018, in the winter, CUN Design was fortunate to have received a case from the North. The designer had to make a comprehensive apartment building for the executives and some employees living in the company's factory area to solve the life problems in the enterprise area.


Designed by CUN Design

Photographer: Wang Ting, Wang Jing


It was the first time for CUN寸DESIGN to design an apartment complex and also the first time to engage in decoration selection, landscape design, interior design and installation art in just one project. So this task was both interesting and challenging at the very beginning.

Centered on the core area, CUN Design set out to plan the function layout of the whole complex and designed every area after careful thinking.

As there will be close to 200 people living in this home, the building also includes a restaurant, a gym, and an employee activity center. So it is most important to complete the orderly arrangement and diversion.

The whole building presents a long strip, and the outline of the building is straight and boring, and there is no sense of volume. So CUN Design made a design with several differently oriented entrances to the originally important accommodation area, combined with the entrance number. Let the huge letters become the entrance shape while also completing the guiding problem. At the same time, the wall was raised at the entrance of the main building, and a new canopy was made to complete the gradual guidance of the ash space.


In the restaurant section, CUN Design extended the far-end wall to make it a welcome situation. The whole building is rhythmic, without any uniformity, and is clearly diverted.


Anshan City is located at the southeastern edge of the Songliao Plain in mid-latitude and belongs to the temperate monsoon climate zone. The main climatic characteristics are: four seasons distinct, rain and heat in the same period, dry and cold in the same season, abundant precipitation, suitable temperature, rich light, severe weather such as wind, hail, drought, frost and frost have different degrees in different years and seasons.

Combined with regional characteristics, the sunshine time in Anshan is relatively short and the winter is relatively cold. So CUN Design has to do a room temperature interactive room, which will strengthen the link between people. Let people have a secondary lobby indoors, which can strengthen the link and communication time between people, and enhance the interaction of the whole apartment.

When the interactive atrium is completed. The whole is a glass roof with a sun room. Although the sun is very good, the air quality in Anshan is not very good, so there are more dust in the four seasons. And most of the time the sun is a form of direct sunlight. The temperature control and the comfort of people are not very good. CUN Design uses the cross X shape to make the grid system of the whole space.

First, the temperament of the space is formed. Secondly, the cross-type x-space is like a blind, which solves the problem of sunshine dispersion in the overall space. At the same time, the vertical grille can also simply shield the privacy between the window and the window, so that the interaction space makes people feel the comfort is strengthened. While solving the function, CUN Design also shaped the temperament and form of space.


This company does not have a single factory and hundreds of workers. In other places, they will also set up a branch. Therefore, in order to complete the standardization and economical design and construction costs of the company in the future. CUN Design has modularized integration and refined design of the apartment's rooms. This is the case for each room. The location of the bed and cabinet forms a separate function and framework.

When the site construction is completed. The frame processed by the furniture factory will also be installed into the room to form a sleep system for the entire room, and can be completely produced by a third-party factory in the future replication process. This strengthens the standardization of enterprise space and the efficiency of replication.

When the design is complete. Party A hopes that we will add some soul design to this space. So CUN Design combined the company's name "Tenglong" to make a dragon-like device. Hang it in the entire interactive space. Form a flowing device. This device is formed with elements of a kite. The most primitive element design, so that it is connected in series into a long dragon. When the season is good, the wind passes through this interactive space as a whole. The piece of the device will sway with it, lifelike. The wind also participated in this design.


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