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Mountains and rivers breed natural elegance.

Jiuxi, a scenic spot on the west side of West Lake in Hangzhou, boasts fantastic natural landscape and cultural relics, and presents a poetic lifestyle. Connecting Qiantang River and West Lake, it integrates picturesque mountains and rivers with the aesthetics inherited from Song Dynasty. The name of the project is derived from the Jiuxi Scenic Spot. And the design displays Oriental charm in contemporary context.

Designed by GFD


The courtyard features a mirror-like pool, a tree and a rock-shaped sculpture. With simple lines and well-arranged structure, it shows a minimalist style in design, presents a fascinating view similar to the West Lake, and generates a tranquil and elegant environment.

The pool, constructed with black granite tiles, adds peacefulness to the space and reflects the landscape surrounding it. People can have a different view at each step. The grotesque sculpture, resembling a rock, is made of stainless steel with mirror finish. It faces a century-old myrtletree, behind which is a row of glass grille that forms the wall, with both contemporary and traditional characteristics.

The giant arc-shaped glass wall is a very eye-catching part in the courtyard, and also the window to look out from the interior space. Without any frame or column, the magnificent glass wall interacts with the reflecting pool and results in a transparent space.

Facing the pool on the top, the curved roof built with solid stainless steel appears to be very light. It can generate interesting interaction of lights and shadows, hence making the space dynamic and poetic.

Life experience club

The space is dominated by light gray color, embellished with white and gold elements. The clear layering and grain in the space are highlights of the overall spatial design, together generating a calm and restrained atmosphere.

Four screens with ink and wash painting form a cuboid structure that hangs from the ceiling, which improves the artistic quality of the space and also shows the beauty of “blanking leaving” in Chinese paintings. Besides, marble-made end tables and square tables and other ornaments in the space all have the ink and wash grain.

Bar counter

At the bar counter, vertical metal strips constitute a partition.

Simply-designed stools add contemporary elements to the space. And the delicate decorative items of Neo-Chinese Style, which are well arranged on the showcase behind the bar counter, make the bar counter area exquisite and elegant.

The front desk and display space

The dark wooden grille is perfectly matched with large areas of gold, silver, and gray within the space. Gray marble was used as the flooring material. Orderly-arranged thin metal bars, combined with Neo-Chinese-Style artworks, make the space classic yet modern. The area for displaying the property model is also filled with an elegant atmosphere.

Underground spaces

The underground floor consists of many amazing spaces with multiple functions, including reception room, gym, private dining space, chess & card room and more. The overall design follows the style of the ground floor space, full of serenity and elegance. And the roof of the indoor heated swimming pool was designed by drawing inspiration from the dome of the Cathedral of Brasília, which can produce mysterious and visually pleasing lights and shadows.

This project well integrates Oriental aesthetics with contemporary context, incorporates the spirit of Zen, and shows an ideal life style in harmony with nature.

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